Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Spring Yarns

It was pouring rain in NYC on Friday. It certainly did not feel like spring was on its way! On my way to pick Max up from school I decided to stop by the store (even though it was my day off) and dry off a little. When I stepped inside, I stepped into spring. There was lots of yarn all over the floor, in the process of being unpacked, checked in and stocked. It did look a little messy and I was happy it was Friday not Tuesday (Julie's day off) -- but it also looked beautiful. So many bright colors in great fibers...I just wanted to stay and admire them all day. We got Rowan Summer Tweed in - this is one of my favorite spring yarns --perfect for a transitional sweater. We also got Millefili Fine and Porto Cervo, two basic cottons that we carry every year. Then we also got a bunch of new yarns - Desert Flower and Sonora from Nashua - Desert Flower is a cotton/linen blend and comes in subtle multicolors. It is sure to have great drape. Sonora is silk, linen and viscose. It has a crimp to the yarn and comes in muted colors. Each colorway has a color and then a taupe color twisted together. Very pretty. From Gedifra we got Mayra, which is mostly cotton and a little poly. It is very soft and comes in great colors. We also got Ayala which is viscose, poly and linen. The yarn has a slight shimmer from the poly - that dresses it up a little. We also got two great new yarns from Skacel --Fashion Silk - which is mostly silk and a bit of poly and is about 3.5 stitches to the inch. It comes in very rich colors. And Soja Bama a soy and bamboo blend. It has a nice drape and great colors. All of these yarns will be on the website as soon as Julie can get them up. (She is in charge of the website) I can't wait to start knitting with them - but first I have to finish Max's blanket. I think I have about forty inches - so I'm almost there. But actually, I am going to Jamaica next week and think I will choose a great spring project to take with me as I cannot schlep the blanket!