Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The holidays are almost here!

A great holiday scarf out of Berocco Lanalux The holidays are fast approaching, it is supposed to be a high of 30 degrees on Friday and what were Julie and I doing this morning?...buying yarn for spring! It always feels so incongruous to look at silks, linens, cottons and rayons in the frigid weather when all you want is a nice thick wool or cashmere to knit up a scarf or hat that will keep you super warm. Nonetheless, we got some very nice stuff! We saw Stacy and Diane of TahkiStacyCharles. They had a more modern, hip new look with many of their pattern books and a few yarns that were really exciting. From their StacyCharles line they had two great yarns - the first SARI is a 100% raw silk that knits up on a large needle and comes in earthy colors. The next, SAHARA is a viscose, linen and bamboo blend that is a ribbon. They had a great sweater done in it that had these drop stitches and looked adorable on. The sweater had a great light feel and wonderful drape. they are sending it to us in a fantastic orange color in January. From their Tahki line we are getting a very cool, nubby thick and super soft cotton called MIA. It is a great transitional yarn that I think will make a great quick sweater! We are also getting a yarn called REPLAY. It is made out of 100% recycled cotton - a nice concept - and comes in great heathered colors. I really liked it because you don't usually see cottons in heather colors. We are also getting some great new colors in cotton classic - and of course millefili fine will return. Stacy and Diane were also excited to see pictures of my 2nd graders knitting with the yarn they donated. And they loved our patterns using their yarns on our Ravelry pattern store! I said the holidays are fast approaching...I cannot believe Chanukah starts on Friday night (until moments ago I thought it was saturday night...) - luckily I am very prepared this year - I have everything wrapped and ready and torturing my children as all those wrapped presents are in a corner of my bedroom in plain sight. Every morning at 6:30am when Zoe wakes up - she comes in and demands that she be allowed to open a present NOW!!! We have to tickle her a lot until she forgets. Max has been really good about it though - he saw them - said I bet the ones in the soccer/baseball/football wrapping paper are mine. I said yep. and that was it. Is that a sign of maturity or that he is already bored with channukah? I hope the first because I got him some good stuff - if you are a 7 year old boy who loves Well - if you are not as prepared as I am this year - always remember - you can knit a quick scarf or hat in no time, or we do gift certificates! Also - for those celebrating Christmas who have a little more time - we have great stocking stuffer ideas and lots more! Come in and check it out!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The beautiful and inspiring Prism Trunk Show is here at the Yarn Company for the entire month of December! They have really outdone themselves this year and sent us a dazzling array of beautiful fibers and hand-dyed colors. It is always so much fun unpacking it and the yarns always give the store a wonderful holiday feel. I took some pictures of some of the yarns they sent. And to answer the question that often comes after I make an announcement like this..."What is a TRUNK SHOW??" A TRUNK SHOW is when a company sends me lots and lots of beautiful yarn on consignment. Basically, I could never afford to carry all these beautiful hand-dyed yarns in these luxurious fibers in the quantity that we currently have in stock - but the beauty of the TRUNK SHOW is that I only pay for what I sell and send the rest back at the end of the month! It is a win win situation for everybody! So be sure to come in and check it out - the yarns are truly exquisite!