Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm 40.

Today I am 40. I feel as though I should be having a breakdown of some sort - but really it feels like any other day. Zoe still woke me up at 5:45am and demanded that we turn her light on as bright as we could so that she could play school with her dolls. When I asked if she had anything she wanted to tell me she said "I SAID TURN THE LIGHT ON!" - so much for a spontaneous happy birthday from a 2-year old. Max did come running into the room screaming "Happy Birthday" at 6:30am - and he sent me a birthday email from his new email account. But then I made breakfast as usual, force fed them as usual, screamed at Max to get on the potty and then screamed at him again to stop kicking the soccer ball and get dressed!!!! Then we trudged to school in the rainy snow and then I went to Pilates even though I didn't really feel like it--but I hear it is harder to keep my girlish figure upon turning 40, so I went. Now here I am at work - blogging. I should be blogging about yarn, but yarn is so much less interesting at this moment than moaning about my age. This evening's festivities will include going to Max's school to see him in his "create-a-play" performance - a performance starring kindergarteners and 1st graders in his class and also written by them - songs and all. I think Max is a pirate since he made me pack his pirate costume in his backpack. I thought he said the play was about a Zoo...maybe a pirate comes to visit the zoo??? I brought my video camera though so that I can record the moment. After that we are going out to dinner and Jeff is throwing me a small party on Saturday. He is also getting me an Apple laptop and my mom is getting me an i-phone - all so I can feel like I am only 25! Onto the world of knitting. I just started knitting Jeff a present for his birthday. I am making an absolutely beautiful cabled sweater for him in Filatura di Crosa, Aran Cashmere. The pattern is from Jane Ellison's men's book. I really love it. I am about 10 inches up the back - 142 stitches - should we take bets on whether I will still love it when I am on my last sleeve? My goal is to give it to him for his 44th birthday in July - but it could be a 45th birthday present too. My attention span is not what it once used to be - nor is the time I can devote to knitting on a daily basis. Funny thing is that I have been knitting it at night on the couch - right next to him and he has't once inquired what I am making. Maybe I'll knit the whole thing in front of him and it will still be a surprise. My other knitting project that I will begin shortly is going to be a dress for Zoe - I cut a dress out of a magazine that I am going to copy as a knit - it is an Yves Saint Laurent - Piet Mondrian...very geometric - I love it - I think it will work out nicely. Until next time....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New President, New Yarn!

I just want to say that yesterday was an amazing day. I did not get to see Obama's speech or his oath in real time - I was on a class trip to the Queen's Science Museum - but I had chills at noon when 25 first graders began clapping and cheering upon the announcement that Barak Obama had just been sworn in as our 44th President. Truly a wonderful moment in history -- I hope that Max remembers it! So, in honor of our new President and to help the economy along -- let me tell you about some of the yummy new yarns we have just gotten in so you can call us and order lots! Fifteen new Koigu multi colors are here. Our Koigu Wrap is lots of fun to make and with our new selection of colors - picking 7 different ones is no problem at all! It's definitely a favorite here at the Yarn Co.! I also just finished the sweater I've been working on out of Koigu Solid. I like to call it "The Dot" . Another great new yarn that we've just gotten is Crystal Palace Merino 5. It is a beautiful new 100% merino yarn in a wonderful array of multi colors. I can't decide what to make with it. Maybe a quick sweater for Zoe - because she doesn't have enough. But it's great for adult sweaters, hats, scarves and baby blankets! We are still waiting for Flame and Merino HP and in February we are going to start getting spring yarns --I'd be excited about that if my fingers were not frozen as I am sitting here typing. I can't imagine wearing a tee shirt or a tank top any time in the near future.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We know that the number one rule in the world of blogging is that you MUST post regularly. We know that there is probably no one out there reading this blog because we have had terrible, horrible, lackadaisical posting practices. But we are going to try again and hope that those of you out there that found us once, find us again and that you find forgiveness in your hearts. We hope that you give us another chance and we promise to try to be good bloggers and post often and regularly. That said, we met with a lovely woman today who has her own blog. She came to interview us -- she is reviewing NYC yarn stores in February. When she asked us about our blog, Julie and I looked at each other and fell silent....and then "our blog?...Oh yeah, our blog!" I suppose we should do a quick "catch up" since October. Our computer crashed again (the beginning of the end of the blogging), a new president was elected, the store got busier for the holiday season, we had a wonderful trunk show during the month of December --Prism Arts sent us so many beautiful hand dyed yarns in luscious fibers which our customers snatched up like kids in a candy store, and we have made it to a new year despite the crashing economy! I knit Zoe an awesome dress out of Sublime cashmere silk dk. I will have to put the picture on - it is grey and black striped and really came out great! She has these adorable patent leather boots that look awesome with it - but she prefers her pink new balance sneakers -- for the high fashion 2-year old look. I made Max two ribbed hats that he looks great in - I used 3 balls of Torino bulky and made two hats. Right now I am working on Koigu Solid sweater as a sample for the store. It is lime green and has a big blue circle in the center. It's very cute - I am in the process of deciding if the sleeves should be stripped or solid. Now that it's January, we are kind of in a yarn store netherworld. Even though it is freezing outside and in real life we seem to be entering into the thick of winter, here at The Yarn Co. winter is on its way out and spring is just around the corner. Although we are restocking some Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky and Punta del Este, Flame. Today we completed our spring buying. Cottons, linens, silks, bamboos and more will begin arriving in early February. We will pick up where we left off soon!