Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And America's Next Top Model Is........ZOE!!!!

I don't know why I ever think things are going to clam down and I'll have time to sit and knit, read, blog etc. I must live in a little fantasy world. Needless to say, things have been hectic in life lately with the start of school - getting two kids out the door every morning (clothed, fed and teeth brushed) is a challenge for me. I know some people seem to do it with ease - but I am not one of those people - I think my head spins and my voice hits octaves I never knew it could- as I scream: "EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!!!! STOP SPITTING YOUR EGG OUT ON THE FLOOR!!! ARE YOU TWO YEARS OLD??? WHY CAN'T YOU SEEM TO GET YOUR OWN SOCKS ON???!!! GET OFF THE $#*!! TOILET WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!!!!" I am sure you are wishing you were at my house at 8am on weekdays. Anyway, that coupled with the fact that my husband made me cut my nanny's hours - so that the free time I once had is cut in half....and the curriculum meetings, class picnics, class potluck dinners, leaf hunts, holidays, etc. - I don't feel as if things have calmed down. But - that being said...I have been busy putting patterns onto our Ravelry store that people can download. I must have 15 or 16 up. It is very exciting. I have put mostly adult patterns, hats and scarves and blankets on because I did not have a little model. But last Thursday that all changed. Zoe (my daughter) came to the store for a visit before we had to go to her school picnic (for which I brought no food) - and she modeled a bunch of kids sweaters for us. It was a huge success! She was a great little model - and had a ton of fun doing it! So, hopefully I will get some of these great kid's patterns up for sale soon. I have also been busy trying to come up with a few cool, easy designs to submit to the magazine Knitscene. Over the weekend I knit a very hippyish handbag out of Punta Yarns, Flame. I knit it in garter stitch and sewed it so the ridges went vertical and then made a handle by casting on lengthwise - so that would have vertical lines too. And put some fringe on the ends. I like it. Will post a picture of it soon. And here at the store, things are moving along. We have almost all our new yarns for the season. Will write more soon....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back from the Beach

Zoe turns 3!! Miss Zoe at a bon fire on the beach Max Boogie Boarding I cannot believe summer is over! I am officially sad. We had such a nice family vacation - even with our two crazy kids - I am just so not ready to be back in the real world...to make lunch, get kids places on time, to tell Max "no, you cannot play your PSP baseball game 8 hours a day" and Zoe -"No, we cannot watch High School Musical for the 999th time!" and to come to work! I got back on Monday after two and a half weeks away - and on Tuesday I just could not bring myself to come back to work (so since I am the boss - i didn't - although I did come in and get work to do at home.) But yesterday I had to reenter society as a productive human being. I brought both my kids to school and came to work. I have to say - that as far as a place that one has to go back to work to - a yarn store fully stocked with fabulous fall yarns isn't the worst way to go. The store really looked amazing. Almost all our yarns are in - and it is so colorful and textural - it's great. All the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran is here in a beautiful array of colors. The Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK is to die for and Sirdar has outdone themselves with their colors in Baby Bamboo! We got this luscious yarn by Filatura di Crosa - Karma - it is angora and merino - so soft! And Mercedes already knit up a great sample cardigan out of it. I am sure I will live in it this fall. We also got a Teva Durham yarn, Granite - and I am almost done with a super Cowlneck sweater. In her book for Tahki/Stacy Charles - she has a great cabled cardigan out of the Granite. It is soft and super chunky. What else? Oh yes, Rowan came - the books are outstanding - a million things to make! And we got a beautiful new Rowan yarn called Lima - and old favorites - Cocoon and Felted Tweed. From Nashua - we got Vignette and Grand Opera and we are now carrying Twinkle Chunky! I know I missed tons but check out our website - we are adding yarns as fast as we can.