Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Technology Anyone?

Just added to our Ravelry store: Big News! Julie and I have made a momentous decision. The Yarn Co. is going to enter the age of technology. Yes, we have a website...but no shopping cart. Yes, many balls of yarn have bar codes on them...but we have no computerized inventory system. Yes, we have a blog, are on Facebook and have a presence on Ravelry...but we still hand write our reciepts! We are on the verge of purchasing a point of sale system that will hopefully revolutionize he way things are done here. We will have an integrated website with a shopping cart, we will have customer info at our fingertips...(you love zara? - we will let you know when a big new shipment comes in...) and we will be able to keep track of credits, gift certificates and oh so much more. We are hoping to have all this up and running by August. Start the fall season in style. Exciting, no? On another note: I made Zoe model this weekend and am going to try to put the skirt and a zara cardigan I made in the fall on Ravelry. Check her out: